Frequently Asked Questions

Team Coaches is a new category of software called Innovation Management Relationship software.

An Innovation Management Relationship software is the interface between your internal team and your external users, and/or startups. It contains a range of features that covers the needs of a CRM, a Portfolio Management and a Community Management software.

Team Coaches customers ranges from small business incubators to corporates creating external program to support innovation. In between we have accelerators, incubators, business coaches and venture capitals using our software.

Yes, Team Coaches is fully customizable with a multi-program setup that helps you create program in different environments each program with their own features.

Yes, we have a private API that allows to connect Team Coaches data to many different apps in the market.

100% of the data is owned by our customers. We don't share or sale data to 3rd Parties.

We support English, Spanish and Portuguese, but with the possibility to expand to other languages depending on the needs of the customers.We have run programs in Romanian and Polish

All our data is available to be exported as per customer requirements.

We have a simple pricing model. However all our customer has their own needs so we like to have a 30 min call to explain how we are adapted to your needs. Book a meeting here

Team Coaches is a product built by and for our customer, we dedicate our team to support and get things done fast. We offer onboarding for all our pricing models.

Yes, if the customization aligns with our mission, we work with our customers to build additional functionalities to fit their needs.